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Dr James Alexander

Urogynaecologist, Gynaecologist & Pelvic Floor Surgeon

Innovative and evidence-based treatment.

Experienced and compassionate care.

"My patients aren't strangers. Getting to know you is my first step. Understanding your concerns helps achieve outcomes that are important to you."

(02) 9030 8440

"It is important that women experience a safe and welcoming environment at every step of their medical journey. Our practice will always attend to your needs with professionalism and sensitivity."

Dr James Alexander; Urogynaecolgist, gynaecologist, pelvic floor surgeon
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Excellence and Compassion

Dr James delivers excellent care through shared decision making.


Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Urinary incontinence


Voiding disorders

Overactive bladder
Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection
Bladder pain / interstitial cystitis
Pelvic mesh-related problems
Postpartum bladder dysfunction


Abnormal pap smears & colposcopy


Ovarian Cysts


Abnormal periods

Insertion and removal of contraceptive devices (eg. Mirena)

2 in 5 women experience Pelvic Organ Prolapse during their lives. You no longer have to suffer in silence. We can help.

1 in 5 women experience urinary incontinence. It is common, treatable and we can help.

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